… Authentic Malay dishes added to Serai’s morning menu

Next vacation, why not swop pancakes and omelettes for Langkawi-style equivalents at Serai’s alfresco breakfast patio? Bedecked with elegant wicker chandeliers, copper pots and wind chimes, our beachfront Serai Restaurant is a great place to start the day. And with our local breakfast staples and national food treasures, it’s also a great place to ease into island life, cultural immersions and holiday rapture! Some of our daily-rotated breakfast specials include:

  • Roti Canai – An Indian-influenced flat bread, fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside served with your choice of side: vegetable dhal, meat or fish curry
  • Nasil Lemak – A rich and creamy dish of fragrant rice, infused with coconut milk and pandan leaf, and served with a variety of sambal or rendang sides  
  • Congee – A rice porridge dish and comfort food at its pure best – simple, light and delicious. Served in traditional Malay or Chinese style

To ‘breakfast like a local’, contact our Reservations Department of Four Seasons Resort Langkawi at tel: (60) 4 950 8888, fax: (60) 4 950 8899.

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